Advance Information Technology Institute- Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence (AITI-KACE)

AITI has a world of professionals who are committed to the free flow of knowledge and the use of technology to develop human resources required for the development of Ghana and Africa through ICT training. With a staff of about 35 from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, AITI is made up of a dynamic team of dedicated IT professionals with a wide-range of technological skills and expertise. We provide equal opportunities irrespective of gender and it must be noted that projects such as i2Cap and Project Kane, a youth-driven project using ICT as an innovating tool in education to name a few, were coordinated by women.

AITI-KACE as an ICT training centre has mastered the art of training students in software development as a composite process involving planning, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. AITI-KACE believes in one size does-not-fit-all approach of software development training. For that reason, our training focuses on personal creativity and dynamism to bring out the potential of each and every student.

Core competences include:

Students exposure to real life environment facilitates individual logical creativity as well as collective team objective.

Students experience full software development life-cycle in a controlled environment.

Students training in critical leadership roles side by side their regular technical training.

Some AITI-KACE developed systems include:

AITI-HMS (a hospital management system),

AITI-HRMS (a human resource system),

AITI-LMS (a library management system) and AITI-WRMS (a hospital waiting room management system).