Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model Assessment Held

As part of its support for the implementation of Ghana’s National Cyber Security Policy and Strategy (NCSPS), the World Bank has engaged the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) of the University of Oxford to conduct cybersecurity maturity assessment for Ghana.
The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) is a leading research centre for the effective cybersecurity capacity building across the World, promoting an increase in the scale, pace, quality and impact of cybersecurity capacity building initiatives globally. It has created a systematic model to review a country’s cybersecurity capacity maturity: The CMM has been developed in consultation with more than 200 international experts drawn from government, international organizations, academia, private sector and civil society. 
The CMM supports the review of cybersecurity capacity in terms of five dimensions: Cyber security Policy and Strategy; Cyber Culture and Society; Cyber Security Education, training and skills; Legal and Regulatory Frameworks; and Standards, Organisations and Technologies.
The objective of the assessment was to enable government gain a better understanding of its cyber security capacity with the aim to prioritise investment strategically in cybersecurity capacities.
The assessment will contribute towards achieving cyber security resilience not only through gaining a more profound understanding of international cybersecurity capacity but also by increasing effective investment into cybersecurity capacity based on a rigorous analysis of data collected through the model implementation. Through the application of the review, critical gaps in all areas of international cybersecurity can be identified and filled with scalable and effective measures, in cooperation with international partners. 
In her remarks to commence the three day program, the Minister for Communications, Hon Ursula Owusu-Ekuful welcomed the team from the World Bank and expressed appreciation to them for their commitment to assist Ghana enhance its cybersecurity efforts. She said, the program was truly a critical component of the work that has to be done in this area. She added that, the assessment would give a fair idea of the preparedness or lack of it in the protection of citizens from cybercrimes.
The Deputy Minister for Communications, Hon Vincent Sowah Odotei said Ghana would want to be part of the Global Technology movement, ensuring that our data was safe whiles benefitting from Technology. Cybersecurity experts from the World Bank with their strong involvement in the move to curb cybersecurity threats looked at Cyber harm in internet use, increasing interrelatedness in the use of ICT and the increasing vulnerability of internet users.
Hon. George Andah, Deputy Minister for Communications, reiterated that the collaborative efforts of countries and cybersecurity experts in such meetings/ programs were very important to assess, measure and evaluate our cybersecurity level.
Present at the program were stakeholders from the Ministry of Communications, United Nations office on drugs and crime, the US Embassy, the Italian Embassy, the World Bank, Academia and Civil Society, Criminal Justice and security, Critical National Protection, Computer Emergency Response Team, Policy Owners, Government, Private Sector, Business and all key stakeholders in the Communications industry. The team also met the Parliamentary select committee on communications for further deliberations.