Trancop Transforming Covid-19 from crisis

Ghana, as part of its Trancop policy framework, is pioneering the PanaBIOS bioscreening and risk-based reopening protocols to advance the African Union’s Open Corridors Initiative and the Africa CDC Public Health Corridors program. PanaBIOS leverages the BioCordon platform, developed by African technologists and AI thinkers.

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Broadcasting Policy

Ghana signed the Geneva 2006 (GE06) Agreement establishing the digital terrestrial broadcasting plan in the bands 174 – 230 MHz and 470 – 862 MHz at the Regional Radiocommunications Conference (RRC-06). The agreement requires signatory countries including Ghana to migrate from analogue television broadcasting to a digital TV platform by 17 June 2015.



Ghana Integrated ICT for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) Policy

A policy statement for the realization of the vision to transform Ghana into an information-rich knowledge-based society and economy through the development, deployment and exploitation of ICT within the economy and society

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